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Sensitive Lands Program

Blueprint 2000 has protected through purchase of the property and/or purchase of a conservation easement of over 1,427 acres of the most environmentally sensitive land in Leon County. These properties are in the St. Marks River, Fred George, and Lake Lafayette Basins. All of the properties protected include one or more of the following features: sinkholes, wetlands, swamps and streams. The safeguard of these parcels eliminates development from occurring thus protecting our area’s waterbodies and drinking water.

  • Lake Lafayette Floodplain: 174 acres purchased in 2012 and transferred to Leon County for management.
  • St. Marks Headwaters: Blueprint 2000 has preserved over 1,079 acres in the Headwaters of the St. Marks River. These properties were transferred to Leon County and are now managed by the County.
  • Fred George Basin Property: 174 acres
  • Lafayette Heritage Trail Canopy Walkway: Blueprint 2000 provided $500,000 to the cost of constructing the walkway over the CSX railroad tracks providing a critical greenway connection between the City’s Lafayette Heritage Trail Park and the County’s J.R. Alford Greenway.

Blueprint 2000 actively solicits grants and low cost funding options to decrease project costs and enhance the total program. Through grants, partnerships and donations, Blueprint 2000 has been able to apply over $5.4 million in additional funding to the sensitive lands projects.

Gateway District: Southwest Access Plan

Gateway District: Southwest Access Plan

Famu Way Project


Franklin Boulevard Project

Franklin Boulevard


Magnolia Drive Multi-Use Trail

Capital Circle Project

Capital Circle

Capital Cascades Crossing Trail and Bridge

Capital Cascades Crossing Trail and Bridge

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