Capital Cascades Crossing Trail and Bridge

Capital Cascades Crossing Trail and Pedestrian Bridge

The Capital Cascades Trail Crossing and Pedestrian Bridge will provide connection between Cascades Park and the Capital Cascades Trail to the west. This segment of Cascades Trail begins at South Gadsden Street, crosses over South Monroe Street and ends at Adams Street.

Designed by FIGG, a renowned, international bridge design firm located in Tallahassee, the modern, concrete bridge with organic shaping was based on a theme of canopies and incorporates an eco-friendly design. The bridge deck creates a slender uniform ribbon from end to end supported by a series of circular columns positioned at angles. The columns support canopies made of solar fabric that capture the sun’s energy and at the same time provide shade for users of the bridge. The solar energy captured will be used to light the bridge at night with dramatic, color-changing LED lights that will reflect

off of the canopies. The adjustable nighttime lighting will feature local university colors on game days, patriotic and other seasonal colors throughout the year. The sustainable concrete features a nanotechnology that is self-cleaning and removes pollution from the air. This unique design provides a modern interpretation of a tree canopy and celebrates both Tallahassee’s renowned canopy roads and the tree shaded sections of the Capital Cascades Trail. The bridge abutments and retaining walls will be formed and painted to look similar to the historic limestone walls in Cascades Park, allowing the bridge and trail to blend harmoniously into the nearby park landscape.












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Gateway District: Southwest Access Plan

Gateway District: Southwest Access Plan

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Pedestrian Trail and Bridge Capital Cascades Crossing and Trail Segment 3

Gateway District: Southwest Access Plan

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Capital Cascades Crossing Trail and Bridge

Capital Cascades Crossing Trail and Bridge

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Orange/Meridian Placemaking

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