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In Progress. The Capital Cascades Trail consists of four physically distinct segments that can generally be described as follows:

Segment 1 – Segment 1 is the Franklin Boulevard portion of the project, which begins at the intersection of Franklin Boulevard and East Tennessee Street (US Highway 90/State Road 10), then extends south along Franklin Boulevard to Lafayette Street, which is located just south of the Apalachee Parkway Bridge. The four lane roadway with a drainage ditch in the median was replaced by a two lane road, underground stormwater culverts, multi-use trails, lighting and lush landscaping.

Segment 2 – Segment 2 is Cascades Park which extends from Lafayette Street on the north to South Monroe Street on the southwest. This segment has a long and well-known history, from the early inhabitants of the region, to the founding of Tallahassee, through the Centennial Field era, to a contaminated site. It is now known as the City’s premier park with world class amenities such as the Capital City Amphitheater and the wildly popular Imagination Fountain. The park provides habitat for the natural environment and ample stormwater capacity to relieve the once chronic flooding problems along Franklin Boulevard and Lafayette Street.

Segment 3 – Segment 3 is known as the FAMU Way Segment, based on the corridor’s proximity to the current and future extension of FAMU Way. This segment begins at South Monroe Street and extends west following the St. Augustine Branch to its confluence with the Central Drainage Ditch adjacent to Lake Bradford Road. As with every segment of the project, the goals are multi-faceted, with the overall objective of providing a multi-use trail located within a greenway setting that will link smaller community parks along with the overall reduction of flooding and improvement of the water quality of the St. Augustine Branch.

Segment 4 – Segment 4 is the Central Drainage Ditch segment which begins at the confluence of the St. Augustine Branch and the Central Drainage Ditch and extends south along the Central Drainage Ditch to its confluence with Munson Slough. Segment 4 provides the opportunity to enhance the water quality of the Central Drainage Ditch basin prior to discharge into Munson Slough. This segment is unique due to its ability to provide the improved water quality through the creation and restoration of wetlands along with the development of a nature park that could provide a learning center for the community.


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