Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency

Budget Policy and Procedures



It is the intent of the Blueprint 2000 Intergovernmental Agency (hereinafter called the“Agency”) to provide budget policy and procedures to guide the Agency and its staff in their responsibilities related to operating and capital budget activities.


The Blueprint 2000 Intergovernmental Agency, created pursuant to Chapter 163.01(7) of the Florida Statutes, has the authority to establish budget policies and procedures to guide the Agency in operating and capital budget activities.


This policy shall provide the governing principles for the establishment of budget policies and procedures for the Blueprint 2000 program.


The policy outlined herein shall apply to the Intergovernmental Agency and all employees referenced in the joint project management structure involved in any activities associated with the Blueprint 2000 operating or capital budgets.


Citizens Advisory Committee: Referenced in the Interlocal Agreement, the citizens committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Intergovernmental Agency.

Budget Amendment: A change in the approved budget, operating or capital, which may involve an appropriation of funds.

Capital Fund: Includes all capital projects for the Blueprint program.

Capital Improvement Program: Planned infrastructure projects over a specified period of time, generally referred to as a five-year plan.

Finance Committee: Consisting of the County Clerk of the Courts, County Budget Director,City Director of Management and Administration, and City Treasurer-Clerk, the committee provides expertise and advice on financial issues related to Blueprint program implementation.

Intergovernmental Agency: Governing body, consisting of the City and County Commissions, of the joint project management structure, as provided for in the Interlocal Agreement, and generally referred to as the “Agency”.

Interlocal Agreement: The agreement approved by the City Commission and County Commission in September 2000, which specifies how sales tax proceeds are to be divided and utilized, creates the Blueprint 2000 Intergovernmental Agency and related joint project management structure, and lists the projects to be funded by the sales tax extension.

Intergovernmental Management Committee: A committee consisting of the City Manager and County Administrator, as provided for in the Interlocal Agreement.

Operating Fund: Includes the operating budget for the day-to-day operations of the Blueprint program.

Procedure: The prescribed method or specific course of action that will accomplish the requirements of a policy.

Staff Director: The individual responsible for carrying out the implementation of the Blueprint 2000 program, reporting directly to the Intergovernmental Management Committee.

Technical Coordinating Committee: Staff committee established by the Interlocal Agreement to provide technical and professional advice and expertise on Blueprint 2000 projects and related matters.


A. All Employees of the Agency, in accordance with the requirements of their positions, shall be responsible for complying with adopted budget policies and procedures.

B. Intergovernmental Agency, as the overall governing body for the joint project management structure that administers Blueprint 2000 projects funded by sales tax extension revenues, as referenced in the Intergovernmental Agreement, shall:

1. Provide overall policy direction related to budget activities.
2. Adopt an annual operating and capital budget and appropriate funding for the upcoming year as described in the appropriations resolution.
3. Conduct a public hearing on proposed budgets.
4. Approve budget amendments within the operating and capital funds/projects that exceed the authority of the Intergovernmental Management Committee and between funds; appropriate funds as required.

C. Intergovernmental Management Committee shall provide overall administration of budget activities for the Blueprint 2000 program. This responsibility shall include:

1. Approving budget amendments between major object classes within the operating fund which do not require an appropriation.
2. Reviewing budget amendments to the capital budget or between the operating and capital budgets as recommended by Blueprint 2000 staff for submittal to the Intergovernmental Agency.
3. Reviewing and recommending proposed operating and capital budget programs to the Intergovernmental Agency.
4. Recommending amendments to this Budget Policy and approving administrative procedures to insure consistency and compliance with this Policy.

D. Blueprint 2000 Staff Director is responsible for

1. Preparing a proposed budget for the operations of the Agency for the ensuing fiscal year and a five-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP), and by April 30 of each year submitting the proposed budgets to the Intergovernmental Management Committee for review and approval.
2. Ensuring that the proposed budgets are advertised in the newspaper of record and
opportunities for public comment scheduled.
3. Approving budget transfers within major object classes in the operating fund.
4. Recommending operating and capital budget amendments to the Intergovernmental Management Committee and the Intergovernmental Agency.
5. Executing all budget amendments approved by the Agency, Intergovernmental Management Committee, and those within designated managerial authority.

E. City of Tallahassee Department of Management and Administration, Accounting Services Division shall ensure that all funds are properly received, managed and accounted for and all investment income earned shall accrue to the sales tax extension funds.

F. City of Tallahassee Treasurer-Clerk’s Office shall ensure that all funds received by the Agency are invested like other public funds by the appropriate fiscal officers of the City of Tallahassee.

G. City Attorney in his/her capacity as legal advisor to the Intergovernmental Agency shall be responsible for ensuring that all legal requirements are met with regard to budget activities.

H. Finance Committee shall be responsible for

1. Providing recommendations to the Intergovernmental Management Committee, Staff Director, and Intergovernmental Agency relating to overall financing strategies for Blueprint 2000 projects.
2. Reviewing annually the year-end statements and providing comments as necessary.


1. Fiscal Year: The fiscal year for the Intergovernmental Agency shall extend from October 1 to September 30.

2. Appropriation of funds for operating and capital budgets: The budget resolution shall be prepared which lists the sources of revenue for the operating and capital budget, and shall authorize carryover of the fund balance, including project balances, requisitions and encumbrances, as automatic re-appropriations to the capital budget.

3. Budget Process: The Blueprint 2000 Staff Director shall develop a proposed operating budget for the upcoming fiscal year and a five-year capital improvement program, and shall submit proposed budgets to the Intergovernmental Management Committee by April 30. This committee shall provide input/comments on the proposed budgets to the Staff Director by May 15. Upon receipt of these comments, the Staff Director shall forward the proposed budgets to the Intergovernmental Agency and place the proposed budgets on the meeting agendas for the next Blueprint 2000 Technical Coordinating Committee, Citizens Advisory Committee, and Finance Committee. Concurrently he shall schedule an opportunity for preliminary public comment in conjunction with one of the above meetings. The proposed budgets shall also be placed on the agenda for consideration by the Intergovernmental Agency during the regularly scheduled June meeting.

4. Advertising of Proposed Budget and Opportunities for Public Comment: Pending receipt of comments from the Intergovernmental Management Committee, the proposed budget shall be advertised in the newspaper of record and provide an opportunity for public comment. Subsequent to the Intergovernmental Agency’s initial consideration of the proposed budget, a second opportunity for public comment in August/September in conjunction with the Agency’s adoption of the budget resolution shall be provided. Said hearing will not conflict with the Leon County School Board’s scheduled public hearings.

5. Budget Amendments: Authority for approving budget amendments is defined in the following chart.

Blueprint 2000 Staff Director – Amendments to line items within major object classes in the operating budget

Intergovernmental Management – Amendments to line items between major Committee object classes in the operating budget that do not require an appropriation

Intergovernmental Agency – Amendments between the operating and capital funds and those that require an appropriation


1. All expenditures by the Agency for the operations of the Blueprint 2000 program and projects funded through the sales tax shall conform to the budget as approved by the Intergovernmental Agency and no expenditures shall be made in excess of the appropriation unless an additional appropriation therefore shall be made and then approved by said Agency.


The Budget Policy shall be reviewed no later than five years from the effective date. The Blueprint 2000 staff director shall submit the policy to the Agency for review at least 90
days prior to the sunset review date. If no action is taken on the policy prior to the sunset review date, the policy will automatically extend for another five-year period or until the Agency revises or terminates the policy.


This policy will become effective October 1, 2002, pending approval by the Blueprint 2000 Intergovernmental Agency.

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