Multi Use Trail


PHASE 1 – construction of the 10-foot wide multi-use trail on the south side of Magnolia Drive from Meridian Road to Pontiac Drive will started in November 2015. In order to ensure the safety of our citizens, the roadway is closed to thru traffic and only direct access to residences and mail delivery in the project area will be allowed. Construction is estimated to take about 8 months due to the complexity of the utility work. Specifically, the sewer system and the water lines are being replaced and upgraded. The completely new lines will better serve the community. When this phase is complete, the utilities will be new and the road will be completely rebuilt.

PHASE 2 – The multi-use trail from Pontiac Drive to Chowkeebin Nene will be modified for the trail to cross at the light at Circle Drive and a 5-6’ sidewalk will be extended to Chowkeebin Nene.

This project includes a new traffic signal at Jim Lee Road and sidewalk on the north side of Magnolia Drive between Seminole Drive and Alban Drive which will provide connection from the north and safe access to the trail at the signalized intersection.

The project is expected to advertise for construction in spring 2016 and construction should start summer 2016.


Circle Drive to Lafayette Street – The project team proposes to cross the 10′ multi-use trail at the traffic signal at Circle Drive and construct a 10′ multi use trail on the west side of Magnolia Drive to north to Apalachee Parkway. Additionally, safety improvements to the pedestrian crossing at Chowkeebin Nene will be constructed during this phase.

Once the design plans are available, a public meeting will be held to present and discuss this alternative configuration.

Meridian Road to Monroe Street – the survey is complete and the typical section is being developed.

Monroe Street to Adams Street – the survey is complete and design concepts are being developed. FAMU has asked to be included in this phase for input into how this connects to their campus. Additionally, the project team is coordinating with the Big Bend Cares redevelopment to ensure efforts are not duplicated and the community receives the needed infrastructure improvements. The design development process is in the initial stages.


Community Meeting November 13, 2014

Powerpoint Presentation – Magnolia Corridor-Partership-Final ppt

Comments PDF – Magnolia Dr 11 13 14 meeting comments

Sign-In Sheets – Magnolia Dr 11 13 14 meeting sign in sheets

Community Meeting November 6, 2017

Meeting Presentation – Magnolia Drive PDF



Gateway District: Southwest Access Plan

Gateway District: Southwest Access Plan

Pedestrian Bridge Picture

Pedestrian Trail and Bridge Capital Cascades Crossing and Trail Segment 3

Gateway District: Southwest Access Plan

Magnolia Drive Multi-Use Trail

Capital Cascade Trail Picture

Capital Cascades Trail

Capital Circle Project

Capital Circle

Northeast Gateway: Welaunee Boulevard PD&E Study

Northeast Gateway: Welaunee Boulevard PD&E Study

Capital Cascades Crossing Trail and Bridge

Capital Cascades Crossing Trail and Bridge

Orange/Meridian Placemaking

Orange/Meridian Placemaking

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