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Community Commitment

Blueprint 2000 Community Commitment
Blueprint 2000 & Beyond seeks to provide opportunities for interested citizens and organizations to participate in the transportation and greenway planning process, as well as recognizing that the success of any project is dependent on a successful public outreach program.

This public involvement plan outlines the components that will be utilized on all Blueprint 2000 & Beyond projects and emphasizes the importance of early and on-going public involvement, as well as providing ideas for strategies, techniques, goals, and objectives. As such, it is committed to conducting a pro-active Public Involvement Plan that focuses on soliciting community interaction throughout the project development process.

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Gateway District: Southwest Access Plan

Gateway District: Southwest Access Plan

Famu Way Project


Franklin Boulevard Project

Franklin Boulevard


Magnolia Drive Multi-Use Trail

Capital Circle Project

Capital Circle

Capital Cascades Crossing Trail and Bridge

Capital Cascades Crossing Trail and Bridge

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