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Intergovernmental Management Committee

An Intergovernmental Management Committee shall be established to jointly administer this program and make recommendations on policy to the Blueprint 2000 Intergovernmental Agency and carry out the long range direction of the Blueprint 2000 Intergovernmental Agency. The Intergovernmental Management Committee shall meet at least quarterly and shall consist of the County Administrator and the City Manager.

Responsibilities of the Intergovernmental Management Committee:

  • Monitor the operations of the program.
  • Implement an annual financial audit conducted by an independent public accounting firm licensed under Chapter 473, Florida Statutes, and an annual performance audit conducted by a firm qualified to perform such audits. The scope of the performance audit shall be established jointly by the County Administrator and the City Manager.
  • Recommend approval of operating budget
  • Recommend approval of long and short term work plans
  • Recommend issuance of RFPs and consider for approval all purchasing, contracts, and change orders up to 20% of the costs of the project.


Gateway District: Southwest Access Plan

Gateway District: Southwest Access Plan

Famu Way Project


Franklin Boulevard Project

Franklin Boulevard


Magnolia Drive Multi-Use Trail

Capital Circle Project

Capital Circle

Capital Cascades Crossing Trail and Bridge

Capital Cascades Crossing Trail and Bridge

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